Invisible teeth aligners or invisible braces have become popular as advanced teeth smile correction devices. Through celebrity endorsements and social-media ads, the brands are trying to tap the attention of young and adults to try the new technology instead of going for the traditional braces. But clear braces treatmentis often perceived as a more costly treatment than the traditional metal or ceramic braces used for teeth alignment. The clear braces treatment is designed tomeet the lifestyle of today’s time. One might argue they as a costlier option for the same results as achieved by traditional braces but the treatment journey to get those perfect results is significantly different in both the treatment procedures.

The real cost evaluation:

We agree that metal or ceramic braces treatment is slightly cheaper than the transparent braces treatment but what costs you more when opting for traditional braces is the time, comfort, and self-consciousness. Yes! We agree that traditional braces are cheaper but the amount of pain the patient has to go through while getting the treatment is much more than in invisible braces which are completely painless. The metal brackets of the traditional braces also cause lesions on the inner lip lining and gums which is not in the case of clear braces as they are made from medically approved, high-grade polymer which renders them a smooth finish. The smoothness of invisible aligners refrains from any cuts on gums or lip linings. Also, the with metal braces, the patients have to follow a lot of dietary restrictions to maintain the dental hygiene and prevent the brackets and wires from breaking, but nothing of those sorts exist with the invisible braces as they can be easily removed and fixed back to their position after eating. Moreover, due to their removability feature, a patient can easily clean or floss in order to maintain proper oral hygiene which is difficult with metal braces.
Last but not the least, metal wires are completely visible making the patient self-conscious especially during social interactions. The treatment duration is long too making the patient bear the unwarranted attention, comments and lower self-esteem until the metal braces treatment finishes up. This situation completely flips when a patient picks a certified and high-quality clear braces like Invisalign or Rejové32 , which are transparent and saves the patients from getting self-conscious publicly.
So, when analyzing the metal and clear braces on the basis of aesthetics and functionality, invisible aligners are the clear winners.

The cost cover:

People argue that the cost of clear braces is higher than the traditional braces but provided the comfort and accuracy it has over traditional braces the cost is justified. However, the clear aligner cost can be bifurcated through easy monthly installments which we seek for every priced possessions we have in life these days. The EMI plan for any authentic and high-quality invisible braces like that of Rejové32  is as low as rupees 4999/month. The real asset is something that secures your future and has a positive influence on your well-being, invisible aligners too work best to gift a dazzling and confident smile with minimal effort. If you are looking for a clear braces option that balances both quality and affordability, then the best option we can recommend is the Rejové32 clear braces treatment.

Rejové32 clear Invisible braces are certified and government approved Aligner Company that has been empowering the dental braces through its precise German technology, high-quality raw-material, software aided and doctor-directed treatment procedures. The smile correction treatment done via Rejové32 clear aligners is not only affordable and approved but also has accurate results. The company has been in the market since 2017 and has been building up on its successful treatment cases and satisfied customers from the time of its existence.

Coming back to the question with which we started, Are Invisible Teeth Aligners pocket-friendly? We would say, they certainly are as they might seem costly upfront but given the perks of painless treatment, fewer clinic visits, and the comfort they offer the cost is completely worth it. The clear braces cost in India depends on the condition of your misaligned teeth, the expertise of the treating doctor, and the quality of the clear aligners. Keeping these parameters as the sole consideration for picking up the clear aligners, no one can regret their decision to choose clear braces over traditional metal braces.

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