It’s wonderful to know that you’ve chosen to go for a clear aligner treatment to treat your Smile . in this write-up, we want to clear all the clutter in your mind for many misconceptions about your choice of method for teeth correction. The cost of using aligners is slightly more than conventional braces but it is worth the cost because you will get the smile of your dreams in just a few months without any inconvenience.

Aligners are Not as Effective as Conventional Braces

Moving the teeth to get the desired smile is a slow and steady process. Your age, oral health and type of malocclusion are the main factors in deciding the time required for results you wish to see .in clear aligner treatment, Each set of tray applies a certain amount of pressure on teeth and you are asked to wear them all the time of the day for best results except when you are eating or brushing. In some type of patients with compromised oral health, Aligners are in fact a more suitable option than conventional braces. The fitment of each tray depends upon the material quality and your dental specialist skill. so Rejové32 Aligners recommend you to request your doctor for a trusted clear Aligner brand for the best quality at a reasonable cost.

Aligners are At-home DIY dental Treatment

Most patients visit their orthodontist to get their teeth straightened and corrected using braces or clear aligners. But, there are many who believe in the theory that dental corrections like teeth straightening or correcting smile can be achieved with clear Aligners by DIY methods at home. just because  Clear Aligner trays are Snap-On pre-fabricated trays of medical-grade material doesn’t mean one theory fits all conditions. Oral health and material of trays both are very important factors in deciding the final outcome. If you wish to have well-aligned teeth, don’t get tempted to try some Snap-on braces or aligners that promise to give you perfectly aligned teeth in a matter of few weeks. It is highly recommended that you visit your orthodontist and let him/her decide for your case!

Only Teens/Young Adults Can Wear Aligners

This myth is simply not true! In reality, as long as your teeth structures and gums are healthy, age is not an issue. in fact, people at older age opt for clear aligners over clear braces since esthetics is a larger concern among adults with public profiles. Clear aligners also help to hide existing gaps, which is another esthetic benefit and less embarrassing for older people. Having a healthy, great-looking smile boosts your confidence in social situations and professional settings.

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Aligners Result in Lisping of Tongue

The clarity in Speech depends on the alignment of your teeth. Crowded and gapped teeth are responsible for faulty speaking patterns. When a patient gets started with wearing Aligner trays for his/her smile correction, he might speak with a slight lisp but as soon as the tongue adjusts and adapts to Aligners, this problem goes away in 3-4 days . Well-aligned teeth can help you with better speech. With the use of invisible aligners, almost all users feel a noticeable improvement in their speech. After a few months of treatment, they get their dream smile.

The Results Achieved are Not Same What is Promised

we see quite a good percentage of patients who do not get their desired outcome because they did not comply with the instructions given regarding the wear of Aligners in continuity. Also, sometimes patient stops wearing them at their own will and pleasures in between. They are not aware that in such circumstances when the aligner is removed, the teeth can move right back from the attained position. Learning from your specialist about how to properly wear and take care of your treatment will help you have a better treatment experience and desired results.