Confused as to which teeth alignment treatment to choose from? Read this article that discusses transparent teeth braces in detail to get all the answers.

Explore the uniqueness of transparent teeth braces

The Name: 

Clear braces, Invisible braces, teeth aligners, smile braces, clear aligners, transparent teeth braces, and transparent teeth clips are a few most popular names given to teeth alignment devices. Popular by different names, they all do one job and that is correcting teeth alignment problems.

The Product: 

Clear aligners are trays made from high-grade medical polymer. These trays are custom designed for each patient aligners separately. The aligner trays come in a set that comprises separate trays for the upper jaw and lower jaw. These trays are designed to move the teeth to the desired position. The treatment requires at least 22 aligner sets for proper teeth alignment.

The material:

Transparent teeth braces are crafted using high-quality raw materials. The medically approved high-grade polymer is sourced to design the aligner trays. The quality of the raw material determines the functionality and durability of the aligner set.

The properties: 

Clear aligner treatment has some unique properties that set it apart from the traditional teeth alignment devices, the metal braces. Gen Y and Gen Z are the biggest adopters of clear aligner treatment owing to their properties such as:

    Braces vs Aligners

    1. Invisible: Owing to the plastic-like material they are made from, they have a transparent look. They are unnoticeable as they are completely transparent.

    2. Custom designed: Each aligner set is designed after the patient goes through a digital 3D oral scan or dental impression taken through a special putty. Once the dental impression is taken through either of these methods, it is sent to a lab for the manufacturing of aligner trays. The fit of the aligner trays depends exclusively on the impression taken. In a 3D oral scan, the high-resolution image of the denture is taken from all angles. Therefore, it is always advised to go for a 3D intra-oral scan instead of a dental impression through putty using DIY kits.

    3. Removable: Put them on and off at your convenience. The minimum duration required to wear the clear aligners is 22 hours per day. So, if you are eating, drinking, or attending a party, you can do it all by removing them easily.

    4. Comfortable: Unlike metal or ceramic braces, transparent teeth braces are completely painless. The treatment journey is smooth devoid of any lesions or gum swelling as experienced in metal braces treatment.

    5. Fast and Accurate: The digital technology involved right from the first step of 3D intra-oral scan to monitoring the treatment journey through special dental software and designing of clear aligner set through precise technology, leaves no scope for errors. The result in the clear aligner treatment is both quick and accurate.

      The specialization: 

      Credible transparent teeth braces brands train the doctors before letting them offer the treatment. They need to become certified clear aligner treatment providers to make this facility available to the patients.

      The USP: 

      The unique selling point of the clear aligner is that they fit the lifestyle needs of today’s generation. They are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and result oriented which is why they are selling like hotcakes in today’s time. They do not require frequent in-clinic visits which is also an added advantage with them.

      The Price: 

      Clear aligners are the latest teeth alignment solution that involves custom-designed polymer trays, 3D intra-oral scanning, dental treatment planning software, and other such technological devices. The use of high-end technology makes them accurate teeth straightening devices. This technical precision comes at a price and therefore clear aligners are a bit more expensive than traditional teeth straightening procedures like metal or ceramic braces. However, most of the clear aligner brands in India offer EMI options, discounts, and offers to make the treatment affordable.

      All these unique features of transparent teeth braces set them apart from all the traditional counterparts available for treating teeth misalignment problems. The treatment shows effective results for mild to moderate teeth alignment issues. However, with increasing demand new and advanced technology is being applied to make clear aligners to be effective for complex cases as well. The clear aligner treatment is quick and effective but the treatment duration depends entirely on the severity of the misalignment and the patient’s compliance with the treatment. So, if you wish to get a perfectly aligned bright smile then transparent teeth braces must be your choice!