Crowded teeth braces : Our jaws are ideally made to fit all our teeth in proper alignment. But, the ideal is far from true in reality. Most people have one or more teeth out of alignment either due to spacing or crowding. In crowding, there is often lack of space and so the teeth tend to find their place in different angulations and positions.

What causes the teeth to the crowd?

The most common cause of crowding is a discrepancy in the size of the jaws and teeth. This happens if individuals inherit the jaw size from a parent and the tooth size from the other. If the jaws are small and teeth are large, there will not be enough space to fit all the teeth properly and leads to crowding. The reverse is true for spacing where the jaws are big, but the teeth are small.

crowded teeth braces

Another reason for crowding is the early loss of milk teeth. There is a proper schedule for teeth shedding and eruption and if maintained, the teeth tend to erupt in their normal places and alignment. But, in cases where the milk teeth are prematurely lost, and their space not maintained, there can be shifting of the teeth among themselves and the bigger permanent teeth often find themselves out of the arch leading to crowding.

Why is it important to correct the crowding of teeth?

The most obvious reason to correct crowding of teeth is that it does not give a pleasing appearance to your smile. But, there are other more serious issues with crowding of teeth.

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Some of the problems that crowded teeth can lead to are:

  • Cavities- due to inability to brush and floss around the teeth
  • Gum diseases
  • Inefficient biting or chewing as the teeth are not aligned properly
  • More accumulation of play and tartar
  • Badmouth odour
  • Bleeding from the gums

How can crowded teeth be corrected?

The only way crowded teeth can be aligned and corrected is by fixed orthodontics. The orthodontist will evaluate the cause and severity of crowding and plan your treatment accordingly. In most cases, one or more teeth need to be extracted to make space for the alignment. In some mild crowding cases or cases with aligners, the teeth are filed to make space.
In children, often space maintainers are used in instances of premature loss of teeth to preserve the space for the permanent successor till its time of the eruption. This avoids fixed orthodontic treatment later.

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