Orthodontic treatments are encouraged at early ages, but it is never too late for a flawless smile and better oral hygiene. Moreover, with revolutionary dental products like invisible aligners, the orthodontic treatments done at any age give accurate results.
Invisible transparent aligners are a boon for people who have been suffering from poor oral hygiene due to dental conditions like overcrowding, poor bite, misaligned teeth, crooked teeth etc. With clear aligners, they can resolve these issues and flaunt a confident smile while keeping their oral hygiene in the best condition.

It is important to take care of dental problems such as cavities, gum diseases, toothaches, bleeding gums, bad breath, dental plaque etc. as research has proven that poor oral hygiene leads to cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, adopting orthodontic treatment in view of curing dental conditions and maintaining proper dental hygiene is highly recommended at any age.

Unlocking the Smile: Invisible Aligners Across Age Groups:

    • 7 – 12 years: The invisible teeth aligners candidates of this age group are school going kids. It is important for them to undergo orthodontic treatment as, if left untreated, the dental conditions might lead to speech problems, lower self-confidence and poor self-esteem. The child might become fearful of social gatherings and develop a complex for his self-image. Moreover, treatments adopted at this age are highly effective as teeth and jawbones are at their formative stage and can be moved easily through invisible aligners.
    • 13 – 19 years: This is the age group of teenagers who are highly active, self-conscious and social too. Therefore, orthodontic treatment that involves metal wires might make them feel unattractive and they might refrain from socialising. But with transparent aligners, they can undergo orthodontic treatment without having to feel awkward at social gatherings. As clear aligners are removable and painless, they can enjoy the food and drinks of their choice anytime anywhere. In our teens, the body is going through hormonal changes and a painful treatment can amplify mood swings and irritability teenagers but with painless invisible aligners, the treatment procedure is smooth and hassle-free.
    • 20 – 45 years: This age group involves college students and young working professionals. With invisible aligner treatment, people of this age group can undergo treatment without interrupting their everyday life as invisible teeth aligners treatment needs fewer doctor visits as compared to the traditional orthodontic treatment. Wearing transparent aligners every day at the office or college is not a problem as they are completely invisible and removable.
    • 45 years and beyond: The elder age group and even senior citizens can take the advantage of invisible aligners for curing their much-ignored orthodontic problems. Often due to household responsibilities the people of this age group have ignored their dental problems. They prioritise the health of other members of their family over themselves. But with a revolutionary dental product like transparent teeth aligners which was unavailable when they were kids is now at their disposal at affordable prices to give you a happy and confident smile that you always deserved!
    They say, ‘age is just a number and it stands true for the best invisible aligners in India by the Rejové32 Aligners as well. One can go for orthodontic treatment at any age and get a dazzling smile and superior oral hygiene with teeth invisible aligners effortlessly.