You must have heard about clear teeth aligners which are much better than the old traditional metal braces. The aligners are very comfortable to use, and its main highlight is that they are virtually invisible. Rejové32 Aligners have many other benefits over braces treatment. If you are using aligners or you are considering them for a better smile, you should first read the ‘ Do’s and Don’ts of clear dental aligners which we are sharing with you.

This will help you ensure that you are going in the right direction for straightening your teeth. Rejové32 Aligners are easy to use and maintain, better oral hygiene can be ensured, and they are practically invisible while they gradually move your teeth into an ideal position. While wearing them you don’t need to change your habits and lifestyle but by following these steps you can make your treatment successful and finish it timely.

Do’s and Don’ts of Clear Aligners

    Do’s of Clear Aligners

    • You should rinse your aligners before removing them, it will help to remove saliva, food particles, plaque and prevent bacterial colonization.
    • Do wear your aligners as per the prescribed schedule, generally up to 20-22 hours per day.
    • Remove your aligners while eating and drinking, especially fruits, sauces, and flavored beverages. These are extremely harmful to your aligners, as they will leave their color on your aligners and affect its quality. You can only drink normal water with your aligners.
    • Always handle your aligners with clean hands.
    • Do regular brushing and flossing of your teeth before you wear the aligner. The better the oral hygiene, the more efficiently your aligners work.
    • Always handle one aligner at a time.
    • To clean your aligners, you may use the kit provided by your orthodontist or clean it gently with a regular toothpaste using a soft bristle toothbrush. This is the best way to keep your aligners clean.
    • When you are not using your aligners, Use the aligner carry case provided to you in the kit and store them in a cool, dry, safe place. This will increase the life of your aligners.

    Don’ts of Clear Aligners

    These should be considered and followed more seriously than the dos of clear teeth aligners.
    • Don’t pinch or touch the aligners without any reason. Doing so will damage the shape of aligners.
    • Don’t eat hot food and liquids with your clear teeth aligners on. It will distort and damage your aligner.
    • Do not store them anywhere e.g. on your table or desk, in napkins or in a piece of paper.
    • Never use colored soap to clean your aligner.
    • Do not bite you aligner into position, this can damage your aligner.
    • Don’t use a common toothpaste to clean your clear aligners as most kind of toothpaste come with the whitening agent which will damage your clear aligners and make it blurred.
    • Do not try to trim or modify your clear dental aligners if they are hurting or irritating you. In such an event, you should contact your dentist and share your problem. Your Doctor will sort it out.
    • Never leave your clear aligners dirty. Clean them regularly, especially when you eat or drink highly-pigmented food or liquid. If not cleaned properly, your clear aligners may become visible due to the residual pigmentation.
    • Don’t skip a single day of wearing clear aligners, it will increase the overall duration of your treatment.
    • You should avoid using denture tablets to clean your clear aligners. These tablets will make your clear dental aligners fade (discolor) mostly, they turn the plastic material of clear aligners cloudy and give them a yellowish color.
    • Avoid smoking while wearing clear aligners.
    • Chew gum will affect the clear teeth aligners because gum may stick on your clear aligners and create a medium for bacteria and food particles to dwell in.

    NOTE: In initial days, it is normal for you to experience some discomfort and a little bit of pain. Do not worry, you will experience this only for a few days as aligners are shifting your teeth into an ideal position. If the pain increases consult your doctor immediately.

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      By following the above-mentioned points you can keep your aligners clean and damage-free for a long time. Rejové32 Aligners are the best replacement for old traditional metal braces, therefore, you need to be very careful while using them. By taking some precautions, you can ensure the successful result of your orthodontic treatment. Do’s and Don’ts of Aligners will help you get a beautiful and attractive smile 🙂
      Consult our orthodontist if you are looking for orthodontic treatment, we are a team of specialists and can help you correct your mal-aligned teeth too.