Invisible Braces:  Rejové32 is a clear aligner company established in 2017 under the aegis of its parent company, RenderWise solutions. The company is operating PAN India with its major presence in metropolitan cities like Delhi-NCR, Gurugram, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa, Jaipur, Kochi, Pune etc. It is one of the most recognized clear aligner brands in India among its competitors such as Toothsi, Glamyo, Snazzy, Flash orthodontics etc. Among all other Indian brands of clear aligners,  Rejové32 clear braces stand unique for its highest precision manufacturing and accurate teeth straightening results.

Effectiveness of any product or service is measured through parameters such as results gained in a limited time frame, ease of use, accessibility and affordability. If a product strikes all the ticks then it is a sure shot winner and Rejové32 clear braces does exactly the same. It stands firm on all the parameters of effectiveness. It is a wholesome product that promises accurate results in less time along with hassle free maintenance and pocket friendly prices.

Let’s explore a bit more about Rejové32 invisible teeth braces and their effectiveness:

    The Make

       Rejové32 invisible teeth braces are an edge over other clear aligner brands owing to their precise manufacturing. Crafted through German technology and highest quality raw material, these clear aligners are bound to deliver accurate teeth straightening results. The in-house manufacturing and clean room packaging facility make sure that every set of clear braces passes through a series of quality-control checks before reaching the customer. The automated facility renders a smooth finish to the aligners and a laser mark on the clear braces authenticate its genuineness. The raw material used in manufacturing the  Rejové32 clear braces, the medical-grade biocompatible polymer is sourced from certified suppliers only. The stringent quality checks and adherence to the rules laid by ISO 13485 and CE, make these clear invisible braces the best in class clear aligners.

      The Treatment Journey:

        Next, we come to the treatment journey, it is a very important aspect as the smoother the ride, the happier the patient is. Therefore, at  Rejové32 clear aligner company the treatment journey is as much of an importance as the results are. As smile correction treatment through  Rejové32 invisible teeth braces is executed under the supervision of trained and certified  Rejové32 clear aligner doctor, the treatment journey is a guided one. The experienced orthodontists on board formulate a ‘treatment plan’ for each patient. The treatment plan constitutes of milestones at which aligner sets needs to be changed and every other minute detail is outlined. If at any point in time the doctor feels the need to change the course of the treatment he can also do that to get desired results. Also,  Rejové32 invisible braces treatment is a software-aided treatment where the progress of the treatment is tracked through high-end software. The patient can visualize the end results before starting the treatment journey on these software.

        The Unique Characteristics:

          Like every other clear aligner brand, Rejové32 invisible teeth braces have standard aligner qualities of being transparent, removable, painless, snap-fit and comfortable. But the unique characteristics that sets them apart from its competitor brands is their durability, their thin and light structure, custom design to meet the each patient’s need and highest accuracy in results.

          The Effectiveness:

            As Rejové32 invisible braces are manufactured through highly accurate German technology, the smile correction results presented by these aligner sets are un-matched. Moreover, the treatment is supervised by experienced doctors and the degree of teeth movement, angle of rotation etc. is calculated through high-end dental software which supports the procedure to drive accurate results in less time. Rejové32 clear aligners work effectively on dental conditions like crooked teeth, teeth gaps, poor bite and over-crowding. Mild to moderate malocclusion cases can be easily corrected through Rejové32 invisible teeth braces.

            The accessibility and affordability:

              The best thing about  Rejové32 clear braces is that they are easily accessible and affordable too! The company provides clear aligners across all major cities In India like Delhi-NCR, Chandigarh, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi, Goa, Jaipur, Bangalore, Mumbai etc. Expanding its presence each day, the company aims at democratizing the use of clear aligners in India. Moreover, the price of  Rejové32 clear aligners is competitive and starts at a minimum price of 45,000 rupees. The Clear aligners treatment cost can be also divided into EMIs to make it easy for the patient to pay for treatment cost.
              Rejové32 clear aligner company is moving ahead with a sole motive to democratize the use of clear braces in India. People should get over the belief that the clear aligner treatment is meant for only a certain class of people as Rejové32 clear braces bring the world-class clear aligner treatment at affordable rates, so that the masses can benefit from the same.