For adults who require teeth alignment, one of the popular choices available today is invisible aligners or clear aligners. Invisible teeth aligners are transparent plastic trays that fit tightly around your teeth to bring about movement. But are they too good to be true?

How Do clear dental aligners Align Your Teeth?

    Well, they are good and true! They are not only invisible when you wear them, but also extremely comfortable.

    But, How do these Trays Move Your Teeth and Align Them?

      Clear aligners consist of a series of clear trays that need to be worn sequentially till the end of the treatment. Patients are advised to wear each set of trays for a minimum of 20 Hrs a day removing them only at the time of eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing of teeth.
      Each tray set has to be worn for 2 weeks before moving on to the next set. With each tray, a certain amount of movement is expected from the teeth very similar to the movements seen in conventional braces. The major difference between how conventional braces and transparent teeth aligners work is that braces pull the teeth to align them whereas invisible teeth aligners push them to do so.
      For each patient, a 3D scan or models of the teeth are taken and fed into software that helps determine the kind of movements needed to align your teeth, the time required for the entire treatment, and the number of sets of Rejové32 Aligners that need to be worn.
      This software then helps manufacture these custom trays with a smooth plastic material that are biocompatible. The trays are always custom-made for each patient so that they snuggly fit around the teeth. Also, the software is equipped to demonstrate the movements that the teeth will undergo and the final position and alignment of the teeth post-treatment.

      Should you choose Rejové32 Aligners?

        Yes! If you are a candidate for aligner treatment, you must choose it. They are comfortable, invisible, hygienic, and less painful than braces. In some cases, your orthodontist might suggest the filing of other adjacent teeth to create space. This is routinely done during aligner treatment and there is nothing to worry about.
        Aligner treatments are mostly successful because of the dedication of the patients towards the treatment.
        Choose invisible aligners and go clear!