Cost isn’t always about the money you invest in something, but it is also about the worth and the value it adds to your mental, emotional and physical health. Metal brackets are a traditional route that gives accurate teeth straightening results at an affordable cost. The tangible cost is relatively cheaper than other smile correcting treatments but the intangible cost of pain, emotional trauma and displeasing facial aesthetics is much higher with metal braces.

Be it kids, teenagers or adults, no one wishes to look unattractive but with metal braces this seems unavoidable as stainless-steel metal wires and brackets isn’t something one can hide. Moreover, themetal braces treatment demands for regular doctor visits and takes up to 24 months to offer results meaning that the patient has to bear the burden of metal wires both mentally and physically throughout the treatment journey.

What’s the solution then?

Wondering what a non-draining smile correction treatment can be apart from metal braces. Here we present to you a perfect mix of technology and dental science in the form of latest smile correction devices, the Clear aligners.

Clear aligners or invisible braces are crafted to meet the modern lifestyle and to provide accurate teeth straightening results. Working on the same lines of combining adequate pressure with consistency like in metal braces, the clear aligners shift or rotate the teeth position as per requirement.

But what makes them expensive?

Some might assume what makes clear aligners costlier even if they have a similar mechanism to align teeth?

Read the unmatched benefits that clear aligners offer that makes them an expensive yet the most adaptive teeth straightening treatment:

    But what makes them expensive?

    All Clear!

    The braces that literally work on the lines of being clear and offering clear results. Rejové32 Aligners are almost invisible, they are like no braces-braces where it is hard for other people to notice that you are wearing something on your teeth for a smile makeover.


      Backed with high end software calculations and assessment, the clear aligner treatment is bound to offer accurate results. The treatment plan designed to meet specific results and milestones created to achieve the same act as reference points to monitor the treatment progress. The treating doctor can also modify the course of the treatment to achieve desired results.


        Apart from teeth straightening results, metal braces are also about pain, cuts, swollen gums and much more. The inevitable trauma that comes along with metal braces makes it difficult for the patient to lead a normal life during the treatment. On the other hand, clear aligner treatment is completely painless treatment as they are made from medical grade high quality polymer with a smooth finish. The soft and smooth texture, make clear braces treatment a painless journey.


          Patients get the liberty to enjoy their food and beverages of any kind with clear braces treatment owing to their removable property. Unlike metal braces that are fixed and impose dietary restrictions on the patients during the treatment journey, clear aligners are completely hassle free in that sense. They let you eat, enjoy and socialise without any restrictions or embarrassment.

            Quick results

            If a patient adheres to the treatment guidelines and wears clear aligners 24 hours a day, they are bound to offer accurate results in less time. With clear aligners, fewer doctor visits and less guidelines to follow is an added advantage.

              Things to remember with Clear aligner treatment:

              1. Clear aligners are safe to use.
              2. They are made from bio compatible medical grade polymer that render it a clear plastic like look and smooth finish.
              3. They are custom designed for every patient and hence, provide a perfect fit for upper and lower jaw.
              4. It is mandatory to wear clear aligners for 22 hours a day for accurate results.
              5. The treatment plan can be modified at any stage of the treatment if needed by the treating doctor.
              6. Only a certified or a trained doctor can offer clear aligner treatment.
              7. Companies that offer ’direct-to-customer’ aligner service can put you at a risk of irreparable loss as they tend to skip expert doctor supervision which shall be the utmost important thing in any medical treatment.
              8. Clear aligners are often recommended for mild to moderate dental malocclusions.
              9. Clear aligners come with an aligner kit that makes handling and cleaning clear aligners easy.
              10. Not all clear aligners companies are ISO 13485 certified, so look for these parameters when you choose clear aligner service providers in India. Top clear aligners companies in India include Rejové32 Aligners, Toothsi, Flash orthodontics etc.

              To get back to the point of how do metal wires cost you more than clear aligners, it is the experience, pain and comfort that is absent from the metal braces treatment that makes them less expensive yet costly! While clear are expensive yet they cover all the hidden cost of pain, aesthetics and comfort in the smile makeover journey. So, choose wisely smile brightly!