Teeth straightening is required to fix the misaligned teeth conditions such as overcrowding, poor-bite issue, teeth gaps, crooked teeth etc. The teeth are moved to desired positions by applying slow and sustained pressure on them through braces. The treating orthodontist suggests braces after analyzing the severity of the misaligned teeth. The medical term used for misaligned teeth is ‘malocclusions’. Malocclusions are further divided into three categories, Class I Malocclusions, Class II Malocclusions and Class III Malocclusions. The treatment time depends largely on the type of malocclusion a patient has.

How much time braces take to straighten teeth?

As mentioned above the teeth straightening time depends on the type of malocclusion a patient has.

    Class I Malocclusion:

    This is teeth condition where the teeth are mildly misaligned. They are the most common form of malocclusion condition found in people falling in the age group of 6-17. The misaligned teeth can be treated through metal, ceramic or clear braces. Incisor or premolar tooth extraction may be required. The time to realign class I malocclusion is approximately 12-24 months.

    Class II Malocclusions:

    This is the teeth condition where the molars are projecting forward and overlaps the lower jaw. The upper jaw teeth seem stretched forward while the lower jaw seems underdeveloped. The treatment duration of this kind of misaligned teeth is approximately 22-24months.

    Class III Malocclusions:

    This is the teeth condition where the lower jaw overlaps the upper jaw. The lower jaw seems to protrude forward and the upper jaw falls over the lower jaw disturbing the facial aesthetics. The chin looks too prominent. This kind of misaligned teeth takes at least 22-24 months.

    We have discussed the teeth conditions and their estimated treatment duration but there are other factors too that determine the treatment duration through braces:

    1. Type of braces: Depending upon the type of malocclusion, the orthodontist will suggest braces treatment. There are three types of braces available for treatment of malocclusion cases; ceramic braces, metal braces and clear aligners dental. Mild to moderate cases can be easily treated through clear aligners while severe or complex conditions need sturdy material such as metal braces.
    2. Cost of braces: Metal braces might be a cheaper solution to treat misaligned teeth as compared to ceramic braces and clear aligners but both metal and ceramic braces can cause gum lesions and tooth staining while clear aligners are slightly expensive but come with an advantage of painless, comfortable, clear and removable braces treatment.
    3. Patient compliance: No matter whichever treatment option a patient picks, if he does not adhere to the treatment guidelines, the treatment duration will extent inevitably.
    4. Patient age: How much time braces take to straighten teeth also depends on the age of the patient. Kids and teenagers respond faster to braces treatment as their jaw and teeth are in formative stage and teeth can be moved easily. For adults the process of shifting the teeth to desired position may take longer time as the jaw bones are fully developed and teeth are permanent.
    5. Company and expertise: It is very important to check the quality and credibility of both the treating orthodontists and the braces provider company. As clear aligner technology is the latest revolution in the dental science and many people are opting for it. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge which companies are certified and authenticated to provide genuine clear aligner treatment.

    Here is the checklist that will help you have a quick and safe braces treatment:

    1. Do a proper research on the certified and authentic braces providers near you. Contact them through website or call them and understand the methodology and their procedures. Fix an appointment if you are convinced and wish to see the doctor.
    2. Ask as many queries as you might have regarding the treatment procedures, braces material, treating doctor etc. The more you are clear on the treatment procedure the smooth will be the treatment process and sittings.
    3. Take reviews into account, try to contact people who have undergone braces treatment with the same braces provider as you are willing to opt for. Previous patient results and experience will help you understand the expertise of the treating doctor and the braces company as well. You can also ask the company to show you some previous finished cases also to gain a judgement on the results.
    4. Know about your case complexity and treatment duration before starting the braces treatment. If you know the complexity of the misaligned teeth like whether it is minor, moderate or complex, you will be mentally prepared for the amount of time it will take to fix the same.
    5. Treatment duration also depends upon the factor that the patient might need tooth removal or any surgery before putting on the braces. So, if the surgery too is in line then the duration extends automatically.
    6. Last but not the least,’ ‘how much time braces take to straighten teeth’ depends majorly on the expertise of the treating doctor, the braces provider company and patient’s compliance with the treatment.

      Although, minimum time to time to straighten teeth through braces for top teeth only price is 12-24 months, the treatment duration depends on the factors discussed above.