How to Get Invisible Braces | Do you feel conscious about your teeth? Do you feel the need to cover your mouth or hide your teeth while smiling or laughing? Well, you are most likely trying to protect your imperfect teeth, aren’t you? But, you need not do so anymore! Imperfectly aligned or crooked teeth can be easily treated using the orthodontic treatment that is available at your nearest dental clinic. However, a large number of people are conscious about wearing braces too! Be it metallic or ceramic ones, braces are stuck on the front surface of the teeth and are glaringly obvious when talking, smiling etc. Believe it or not, this is a major cause for people not wanting to opt for braces treatment. Are you one of them too? Here’s the good news then! Teeth can be straightened without braces also!

Can Teeth be Straightened Without braces?

    Yes, teeth can be straightened without braces as well. What do braces necessarily do? Traditionally used braces were metallic ones that are continued to be used even today for their affordability. They are made up of small brackets that are fixed on the front surface of the teeth, and a wire is placed through them. The orthodontist tightens the wire in each appointment to bring about the movement and alignment of the teeth.

    Since metal braces were a put-off for most patients and they refused to get treated, ceramic braces were introduced. Ceramic braces were made from tooth-coloured shades that were less conspicuous than metallic ones but were still quite visible from a distance. People who were conscious about wearing anything evident on their already visible teeth were not too comfortable wearing these braces either! Many additions were made to ceramic braces by making them in different tooth shades, using a ceramic wire that was also tooth coloured and making them transparent.

    While they did become more popular than their metallic ancestor, there was a large section of people who weren’t still keen on getting braces treatment. Then, one of the most revolutionary treatment options was introduced – to straighten teeth without braces!

    Transparent Teeth Braces | How to Get Clear Aligners

      “How can one straighten teeth without braces?”, wondered most people, when transparent teeth braces or clear aligners were introduced. Clear aligners are essentially thermoplastic, transparent trays that are customised according to each patient’s upper and lower teeth. These aligners are available as a series of trays that need to be worn one after the other. Each tray is worn for a specified number of hours and days, as instructed by the orthodontist.

      These transparent aligners are designed in such a way that they apply force to the teeth to bring about movement and subsequent alignment, just like braces, but without the need to wear braces!

      How to Get Invisible braces in India?

        Invisible braces or clear aligners have increasingly become popular due to them being invisible when worn on the teeth, even when up close while conversing with someone. But, most people are unaware of how to go about to get them! Clear aligners are readily available at most dental clinics. Companies like Rejové32 Aligners are popular not just with patients but also dentists and orthodontists across the length and breadth of the country today!

        To get your teeth aligned using invisible braces, the first thing to do is to locate your nearest orthodontist who is registered Rejové32 Aligners provider. When you visit your dentist or orthodontist for your appointment, he/she will first perform a thorough evaluation of your facial profile, your jaw alignment, the position of teeth, bite and how all these factors play together to influence your smile.

        Once your orthodontist has made his/her observations, he/she will order a 3D digital scan for you. These images are digitally uploaded on the cloud and sent to the lab that will fabricate your aligners. Once these images are received by the lab, the team of in-house orthodontists begin to devise a treatment plan for your case. Once the treatment plan is chalked out, it is shared with your orthodontist, who will discuss it with you. Once you and your orthodontist approve of the treatment plan, the treatment duration and other points influencing your treatment, the same confirmation is shared with the in-house team of doctors and the lab. The lab now begins to fabricate your aligner. At Rejové32 Aligners, we use the most advanced technologies, machines and materials that are specially imported from Germany and conform to the highest international standards. Since Rejové32 Aligners has its lab based in New Delhi, India, the process from your first visit to the dentist to the delivery of your first set of trays takes just 4-5 days as compared to 1-2 months as seen with most international brands of aligners that are available in India.

        When you receive your first set of trays, these are the zero aligners, which means that they aren’t expected to begin or cause any tooth movements. These trays are given to you to allow you to get used to wearing and removing them, and adjusting to them before the actual movement-causing aligners are provided to you. When your clear aligner set arrives from the lab, your orthodontist will advise you on how to wear them, how to remove them, how long to wear them, when to wear and not wear them and how to clean them.

        After wearing your first set of trays, your second set of trays onwards, they will begin to apply slight pressure to move and align your teeth. Your orthodontist will ask you to visit him once every 4-6 weeks to monitor your teeth movements after wearing clear aligners and the fit of the clear aligners.

        How Long Does it Take for Invisible Braces to Work?

          Apart from the poor aesthetics of conventional metal and ceramic braces, another major deterrent for patients to get their teeth aligned using them was the long treatment durations. Nobody wants to have metal or ceramic brackets stuck on their teeth for too long now, do they? The same question arises even with invisible braces. No matter how aesthetic and inconspicuous invisible braces are, patients still have the query of “How long does it take for invisible braces to work?”

          Transparent Braces Cost in India | Transparent braces for teeth

          One of the important things to know about transparent braces treatment is that the duration of treatment largely depends upon the complexity of one’s case. The same holds true for transparent braces too. In most cases, the treatment with transparent braces takes anything between 6 months to 1.5 yrs. However, the duration of treatment completion in case of invisible braces also depends upon patient compliance. check out our transparent braces price in india

          In the case of fixed braces treatment, the orthodontist continuously monitors the treatment every time the patient visits him/her. Also, since the braces are fixed on teeth, the forces applied to the teeth are constant in nature. However, in the case of clear aligners, the trays need to be removed while eating and need to be worn for a minimum of 22-23 hrs a day for a specified number of days. If the patient laxes in these specified times and durations, the treatment gets delayed and affects the time of completion.

          What are the Best Invisible Braces in India?

            Now that you are convinced you to want to get your teeth aligned with invisible braces, the next question that might have arisen in your mind is “What are the best invisible braces available in India today?” India is a growing market for invisible braces, thanks to our population. When invisible braces were launched initially, a few international brands entered the market in India. However, these brands were based out of India, and so were their labs. Thus, the time duration between the first consultation to the delivery of the first set of trays took anything between 3-5 weeks. This significantly impacted the patient’s compliance and patience.

            But today, we have some very successful Indian brands of clear aligners like Rejové32 Aligners who are based in India and have penetrated through tier 1, 2 and 3 cities across the country. Rejové32 Aligners uses the most superior quality of materials to fabricate your clear aligners, the most advanced machines to provide accurate trays that are just as comfortable as your natural teeth are. Rejové32 Aligners is based right here in the national capital, thereby reducing overhead costs like logistics and transportation charged by other international aligners companies. Since Rejové32 Aligners Clear Aligners is Made in India, they understand the Indian population better and have successfully treated hundreds of cases to date. With excellent connectivity between Delhi and most cities and towns, the duration between your first consultation visit to getting your first set of trays happens in a mere 4-5 days! Rejové32 Aligners are the best invisible braces available in the Indian market today!

            Benefits of Invisible Braces | How to Get Invisible Braces India

              Having reached so far to get your clear aligners, by now, you surely know some of the advantages and benefits that invisible braces have over the other treatment options, especially braces. Let’s enlist them!

              Since invisible braces are removable, maintaining oral hygiene is easy, and you can brush and floss like you usually do
              You need to remove your invisible braces while eating and drinking hot liquids and therefore, there are no restrictions on food as is seen in the case of braces
              One of the most significant advantages that invisible braces have over other braces is that they are invisible and therefore, have excellent aesthetics
              Treatment duration, if the patient has been compliant, is lesser than the treatment duration seen with braces
              Affordable and priced similar to self-ligating and lingual braces

              Compared to the time when invisible braces were introduced, it is much easier and affordable to get your teeth aligned with them today. Brands like Rejové32 Aligners provide excellent quality aligners, round-the-clock support and ensure your aligner treatment journey is a smooth one! Looking to get invisible braces? Contact us right away!