Teeth gap filling at home naturally -Diastema : If you have been looking up “How to reduce the gap between teeth?” or “How to fix teeth gap?”, here’s some information to help solve your queries!

A beautiful smile is one that we all remember for a long time, isn’t it? Similarly, a smile with irregular teeth also stands out, making its wearer conscious. There are many reasons why your teeth may appear irregular or improperly aligned – crowding of teeth, spacing between teeth (also called a diastema), missing teeth, rotations, teeth placed in different angles, smaller or larger teeth than normal, etc. All of these parameters can affect your smile.

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Though most people presume that crowding in teeth is the most common type of smile irregularity, you will be surprised to know that gaps between teeth can have a similar impact.

What Causes Gap in Teeth? Beautiful gap teeth

Gaps between teeth can be restricted to one gap teeth or two teeth  or  (called localised spacing) or between all teeth (called generalised spacing). The most common gap in teeth is found between the upper two front teeth. This condition is called midline diastema. But, before we get to how to fix teeth gaps, do you know what causes these gaps between your teeth? Well, here are some common causes for the same:

  • A mismatch between tooth size and jaw size. For example, if you inherit jaw size from one parent and tooth size from the other, there will be extra space between your teeth.
  • If your teeth are malformed or undersized, they can lead to gaps between them and their neighbouring teeth. The neighbouring teeth then move into the gap in an attempt to close the gap, creating new beautiful gap teeth  and irregular teeth alignment.
  • A thick and fleshy labial frenum (the small strip of tissue that connects the inner side of your upper lip to your gums) can create a gap between your upper two teeth. This is the most common cause of midline diastema.
  • Habits like thumb sucking and tongue thrusting push your teeth forwards, leading to gaps between them.
  • People, especially children, who have an improper swallowing reflex are seen to have gaps in their teeth. This happens because they tend to push their tongue against the front teeth while swallowing instead of pushing it against the roof of the mouth. This pressure on teeth while swallowing results in pushing them forwards, creating a gap.
  • Poor gum health can cause your teeth to become loose and move, creating gaps.

While most people believe that gaps in teeth must be corrected only if they are an aesthetic concern, this is not true! Having gaps in teeth can be the starting point of poor oral hygiene, tooth cavities, poor gum health and even loss of teeth!

How to Fill Gap Between Teeth? | Braces for Gap teeth 

There are multiple teeth gap treatment options available today for closing the gap between teeth. Your dentist will suggest the best option on how to fill the gap between teeth permanently.

Can Rejové32 Aligners Treat Teeth gap or Diastema?

Absolutely. Yes!

Common Treatment options for closing the gap between teeth

Aesthetic tooth fillings 

Aesthetic tooth fillings may be used to fill the gap in your teeth when the gap is less than 2mm in size. This method is also called dental or cosmetic bonding and is the easiest and quickest way to close teeth gaps. If the gap in your teeth is localised and small, your dentist will apply a resin-based material to the teeth adjacent to the gap and shape it to make it look natural. This material is then hardened using a handheld UV light device that helps seal the gap. However, you must note that this is not a permanent solution to close the gap between your teeth and you may need to redo the procedure if your filling pops or wears out over time from brushing or eating.


If you are wonderinghow to fix the gap in front teeth without braces, here’s another quick fix for you! Veneers are a great way to fix the gap in your teeth, especially the big gaps that are found between upper front teeth.

A veneer is a thin shell of porcelain that is shaped to match the shape and colour of your teeth. When the veneer is placed and bonded on your prepared teeth, it can cover any gaps and other imperfections in your teeth. These veneers are bonded on your teeth using strong dental adhesives and become one with your teeth. If done properly and maintained well, veneers can last a lifetime.

Dental veneers to close teeth gaps is a commonly performed cosmetic procedure. However, to perform a veneer procedure, you must have a substantial amount of enamel on your teeth. In people with very thin enamel, veneers will not bond properly and also cause extreme sensitivity.


Wondering how to reduce the gap between teeth naturally? Well, braces are for you! If you wish for the gap in your teeth to be closed permanently, braces are the best solution. Braces do not just close localised gaps in your teeth but look at your teeth alignment overall. They help correct your bite, rotations and any other teeth and smile irregularity you may have.

Compared to dental bonding and veneers, braces take slightly longer but with fast options like clear aligners, your gaps can be closed naturally in just a few months. Apart from clear aligners, you can also opt for traditional metal and ceramic braces, self-ligating braces or lingual braces. However, if you are looking for the most aesthetic and natural way of closing the gaps in your teeth, clear aligners are the best option for you.

Clear aligners are made from transparent medical-grade polymer and when worn on teeth, apply forces on your teeth to move them into proper alignment. It is a common misconception that invisible braces or clear aligners are expensive. Today, with Made in India brands like Rejové32 Aligners are way more affordable with world-class quality of product and services. 

Removable orthodontic appliances

While traditional braces are fixed, newerinvisible braces like clear aligners are removable. If you do not wish to go for a comprehensive braces treatment, your doctor may suggest removable orthodontic appliances like a retainer to close very small, localised gaps. However, these retainers are not recommended for everyone and must be worn only under the guidance and monitoring of your dentist.

What is the Best Solution to Close Teeth Gaps?

The best solution to close teeth gaps naturally and permanently is orthodontics. If you are concerned about the poor aesthetics of fixed braces options like metal and ceramic braces, ask your dentist about clear aligners.

Clear aligners are removable, comfortable, invisible and extremely convenient compared to fixed braces.

How Much Does it Cost to Fill Teeth Gaps? | Teeth gap Filling

If you are looking to fill the gap in your teeth naturally, using braces, your treatment may range anything from 3 months to 24 months, based on your case complexity. The cost of aligners treatment will be based on the complexity of your case, type of braces chosen by you, the experience of your doctor, brand of braces and location of the clinic.

Dental bonding is the cheapest way to close the gap in your teeth but they are not a permanent solution and would need repeat appointments as and when they wear off. 

Can You Fill the Gap in Your Teeth at Home?

Thinking of “How to close a gap in your teeth at home?” Though there are multiple braces brands that allow you to take your teeth measurements and send you fabricated braces at home, they may not be as accurate as clear aligners by expert brands like Rejové32 Aligners that are monitored by dental specialists.

How to make a gap in your teeth at home

One of the primary reasons that people wish to get their teeth gaps closed at home is because they do not wish to wear a bulky ceramic or metallic smile. However, with aesthetic options like invisible braces, the need to hide their treatment is now redundant.


If you have gaps in your teeth, you must visit your dentist or orthodontist immediately. Clear aligners and braces are two of the best ways to get teeth gaps closed permanently and naturally. Say ‘good-bye’ to your irregular teeth and say ‘hello!’ to an electrifying smile with clear aligners from Rejové32 Aligners! Wish to close your teeth gaps asap? Connect with us right away!