Are you looking for lingual braces cost in India? You’ve reached the right place! Lingual braces are popular for their superior aesthetics. The cost of lingual braces in India lies in the range of INR 50,000 to INR 4,00,000. Before delving into the details about the price of lingual braces across different cities in India, let’s understand more about what lingual braces are!

What are Lingual Braces?

Orthodontics has come a long way and patients can choose from a wide range of options to get their teeth aligned. One of the options is lingual braces. Though they are a lesser-known option, they are increasingly becoming popular because they are an aesthetic way of straightening teeth. Lingual braces look similar to traditional metallic braces but are different in the way they are fabricated, comfort levels, and aesthetics.

As the name suggests, lingual braces are placed on the lingual or tongue-side of your teeth, hidden away from view. These braces look very similar to traditional metallic braces and consist of metal brackets stuck on your teeth and a wire that goes into the slots in these brackets. The lingual braces are stuck on the back of your teeth with a dental adhesive, making them a fixed option for teeth alignment.

Lingual braces are a great option for adults and teenagers who refuse to wear non-aesthetic metal or ceramic braces.

Lingual Braces Cost in Delhi-NCR | Noida | Gurgaon

The cost of lingual braces in the Delhi-NCRregion is around INR 90,000 to INR 1.2 lakh. However, you may find some clinics in Gurgaon providing lingual braces from INR 50,000 to INR 65,000. The cost of lingual braces in South Delhi is usually higher than in the rest of Delhi.

Lingual Braces Cost in Hyderabad

The cost of lingual braces in Hyderabad depends upon multiple factors, including the use of CAD/CAM technology for measurement taking. If you are looking for average lingual braces cost in Hyderabad, it is around INR 75,000.

Lingual Braces Cost in Mumbai

Mumbai is the most expensive city to live in the country and the cost of healthcare treatments, including orthodontic treatment, is also expensive. The cost of lingual braces in Mumbai begins at around INR 90,000. For those who wish to opt for a gold base for lingual braces, the cost of lingual braces rises from as high as INR 2.5 lakh to INR 4 lakh.

Lingual braces price in Mumbai also depends upon the brand of lingual braces chosen, the expertise of the orthodontist, and the location of the clinic in the city.

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Lingual Braces Cost in Bangalore

In Bangalore, the cost of lingual braces can start from INR 75,000 and go up to INR 2 lakh depending upon the complexity of the case. Being the IT hub and a growing megacity, the cost of living in Bangalore is rising each year and so are the orthodontic treatment costs. The average cost of lingual braces in Bangalore is INR 80,000.

Lingual Braces Cost in Chennai

Due to the growing number of start-ups and young people, the demand for aesthetic treatments like lingual braces is rising in Chennai. Compared to cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore, the cost of lingual braces in Chennai is more affordable but still higher than other types of braces like self-ligating metal and ceramic braces. Lingual braces cost in Chennai begins at around INR 70,000.

Lingual Braces Cost in Kolkata

In Kolkata, one can find the most affordable lingual braces. Lingual braces cost in Kolkata begins as low as INR 65,000 for both arches and it can go a maximum up to INR 85,000. The price of lingual braces in Kolkata varies based on the location of the clinic in the city of joy and the type of laboratory that is fabricating your lingual braces.

Are You a Candidate for Lingual Braces?

Before you go about looking for an orthodontist who performs lingual braces treatment in Kolkata, you must know if you are a candidate.

Due to the aesthetic nature of these braces, an increasing number of people wish to opt for lingual braces for straightening their teeth over the other types of braces. There is ample research that states that lingual braces can give similar results to those seen with traditional metal and ceramic braces which are placed on the buccal or front surfaces of the teeth.

However, not everyone is a candidate for lingual braces. People having a deep bite, excessive overlap of upper and lower teeth, large tongue, etc., are not good candidates as their teeth would keep breaking the brackets out of their place, delaying their treatment.

If you wish to get lingual braces, you must visit an orthodontist for an evaluation. They will perform a thorough dental examination and help you determine if lingual braces are good for you. If you are keen on lingual braces, let your orthodontist know as this type of treatment requires specialized training, which not all orthodontists have.

Factors That Influence the Cost of Lingual Braces in India

Compared to traditional metal, ceramic and self-ligating braces, lingual braces cost more. In fact, after newer treatments like Rejové32 Aligners aligners entered the market, lingual braces are still more expensive than these aligners. It may be confusing as to why lingual braces are costly.

Here are some important factors that influence the cost of lingual braces in India:

  • Orthodontists who perform the lingual braces treatment take additional training in the domain and therefore, are usually more expensive than other orthodontists.
  • They are customized for each patient and require the usage of high-cost materials, thereby making lingual braces expensive.
  • Though they are a highly aesthetic option for straightening teeth, they are still less popular than other types of braces. The low patient volumes make the cost of lingual braces in India even higher.
  • Longer treatment times seen with lingual braces add to their cost.

Why Choose 32 Watts Clear Aligners Over Lingual Braces?

If you are looking for affordable and aesthetic braces options, look no further than Rejové32 Aligners. Though both lingual braces and clear aligners are aesthetic types of braces, there is a world of difference in a patient’s treatment experience with both these types of braces. Here are the top reasons why you must choose 32Watts aligners over lingual braces:

  • Comfortable
  • Removable
  • No diet restrictions
  • No speech problems
  • Zero discomfort
  • Shorter treatment time
  • Cheaper and more affordable
Lingual braces Vs Rejové32 Aligners Lingual BracesClear aligners
Treats irregularly aligned teethYesYes
Easy to clean teethNoYes
Diet restrictionsYesNone


How much do lingual braces cost in India?

The cost of lingual braces in India ranges from INR 50,000 to INR 4 lakh, depending upon the city, the experience of the doctor, and the complexity of the case.

Is the cost of lingual braces worth it?

Lingual braces are expensive and priced way higher than most other braces. Though they are aesthetic braces, they are extremely uncomfortable. So, for all the trouble they cause during your treatment journey, their high cost is not worth it.

What is the average cost of lingual braces in India?

The average cost of lingual braces in India is around INR 70,000.