In the digital age we live in, social media has become an indispensable part of our lives. Social media has made people conscious of how they look onscreen and off-screen more than ever. Everyone wishes to look attractive, confident and appealing in their personal as well as professional lives. So, much so that opting for cosmetic surgeries and facial feature correction has become a common thing. Adding to this phenomenon is getting perfect, clear smiles. Earlier, people would only opt for smile correction treatments when they had complex dental problems but now people with minor to moderate dental problems too feel that they need this treatment to look more presentable and confident.
Earlier metal and ceramic were the only traditional braces options for teeth alignment but with advancements in dental technology and procedures, revolutionary dental products like clear aligners, make teeth straightening treatment a hassle-free procedure. Teenagers love wearing teeth aligners as they fit their modern lifestyle and are completely unnoticeable. Youngsters of the age group 14-25 are most conscious of their looks and therefore they find this revolutionary product more appealing than any other teeth straightening options available on the market.

Why Should Teenagers Opt for Clear Aligners Instead of Traditional Braces?

    • They are invisible: Yes! Clear aligners are hard to notice. They are transparent trays that are designed for a snap-fit in your upper and lower teeth and therefore, it is not easy for anyone to tell whether you are undergoing any sort of teeth treatment or not.
    • Removable: It is not easy for teenagers to follow strict dietary guidelines as they are always socially active, and it is hard for them to ignore tempting food when they are with their friends. But with clear aligners teenagers can enjoy any food and beverages without affecting the treatment process. The fact that they are easily removable, one can eat whatever they want and wear them again. Clear aligners come along with little tools that help in removing aligner trays easily.
    • Painless and comfortable: The problem with traditional metal teeth braces is that they are painful. The metallic wires and brackets are hard on gums, tongue and soft inner lining of cheeks and lips. The wires lead to cuts and swelling which makes the teeth straightening process a difficult process. During their teenage years, kids experience both emotional and physical changes. Introducing painful treatment during this time can make it even tougher for them to cope with these changes. But with clear teeth aligners, teenagers can go through a completely painless teeth alignment process.
      Clear aligners are made from a high-grade medical polymer which gives a smooth finish to the aligner trays. They are soft on gums and do not cause any lesions.
    • Accurate end results: As clear aligners are a product of technical and medical advancements; they are designed to provide accurate end results. Be it the first step of intra-oral 3D scanning or the last step of retaining the teeth positions with the help of retainers, the patients can preview, track and monitor the entire teeth alignment journey through high-end software. The patients can view before and after results on the software before starting the clear dental aligners treatment. This motivates teenage patients to adhere to the treatment guidelines so that they can actually reach the desired flawless and confident smile through Rejové32 Aligners best teeth aligners treatment.
    • Teenage is the right age: Kids and teenagers can get the most out of clear dental aligners treatment for teeth as at this age the jaw and teeth are in their formative stage. It is easy to move the teeth to the desired position at this age rather than in adulthood when teeth and jaw muscles have developed completely. The treatment of teenagers takes less time and gives desired results.
    Clear aligners are better than teeth braces for energetic, impatient and trendsetting teenagers who want effective results without compromising on their looks. The modern age solution for getting a picture-perfect smile is nothing but clear aligners. They work secretly to give you a charming and confident smile and leave people guessing what you did!