Clear Aligners : 

Smile correction technology has come a long way, from metal braces that involved unpleasing wires, painful experience and tiresome doctor visits  to extremely opposite clear aligner treatment that is aesthetically pleasing, completely painless and offers quick results with fewer doctor visits, has made the teeth straightening journey a smooth and happy one. However, surpassing the traditional one does not mean that every other alternative available will reap equal results in terms of accuracy and effectiveness.

Think of clear aligners as a product and each brand manufacturing and promoting that product has different business models and advertising goals. Each clear aligner brand tries to highlight a different USP (unique selling point) for that product. Now, in case of clear aligners the brands can be divided into two major categories, one is the brands that channelize the distribution of their product through partner clinics and doctors while other brands are delivering the product directly to the customer.

Let’s understand the business models, their benefits and the drawbacks in detail.

Business to Customer to Business (B2C2B)

In this business model the brands offer their product to the patients via partner clinics and doctors. Both doctors as well as patients can reach the brand product through a brand’s website enquiry forms and they are contacted soon. Rejové32 Aligners work on the same model. It takes queries from patients and doctors through websites or tele-communication and then coordinate for discussing dental case and clear aligner requirement. In case of treatment through 32 watts clear aligners the major benefit is that the expert doctor supervises the treatment journey right from the start. Even for the first step of getting the 3D Intra oral scan of the patient, only a trained and qualified doctor is appointed.

Direct-to-home clear aligners

There are few brands who are promoting clear aligners as a beatifying product and luring the customers on the preposition of ‘direct-to-home’ service. Brands like Snazzy, Toothsi, Glamyo Dental, Smile Direct etc. are few brands that offer clear aligner service to patients in the comfort of their home. It sounds a very conducive environment to fix some real dental issues but the problem with ‘direct-to-home’ clear aligner brands is that they bypass the supervision of expert doctors. In a medical procedure that involves tooth movements and calculated degree of rotation, doing away with a doctor’s supervision can lead to irreparable losses in the patient’s teeth.

Not all brands compromise on quality and sensitivity towards treatment journey but putting yourself in that risk zone to cut cost is not advisable.

Rejové32 Aligners V/S Direct-to-home Clear aligners at a glance!

Rejové32 AlignersDirect-to-home Clear aligners
Operates on B2C2B business modelOperated on B2C business model
Doctor supervised treatmentBypasses doctor supervision
Fewer but timely doctor visits requiredPatient is handled through ‘tele-dentistry’ (through calls and video conferencing)
Doctor is appointed per case. For each patient, a dedicated experienced doctor is appointed to monitor the treatment progress.The case is handled by any available doctor at the time of consultation during need of clinic consultation.
Marketed on the USP of accurate results and affordabilityMarketed on the USP of ‘doorstep aligner service’
One can schedule the appointment and start on the treatment journeyThe patient will have to await response from the brand until they respond to their query. The response time differs from brand to brand.
Expert doctors review the progress at every stage and put attachments and perform other procedures for precise tooth movements.At home aligner service might not use IPR and attachments in every case and don’t handle the case with in-depth detail as it is supervised over phone.
Can treat all dental malocclusions which can be treated with aligners.Can treat only mild to moderate dental malocclusion conditions at home.
Dental impression/intra oral scanning is done with precision by a trained doctorPatient has to order a self-impression kit. The kit comes with instructions. Taking self-impression can be difficult job.

Smile correction treatment through clear aligners is the latest teeth straightening technology that is being implemented to treat mild to moderate dental cases. 32 Watts clear aligners is a brand that is backed up by government approvals and compliances, ISO 13485:2016 certification and uses CE/USFDA approved raw materials. This ensures that aligner sets manufactured by Rejové32 Aligners company are of high-quality and are crafted to deliver accurate results.

At home teeth straightening treatment may sound very lucrative and convenient in modern lifestyle setup when we are always running out of time to work on ourselves but a medical procedure like that of teeth straightening must be supervised by an expert doctor for best results. This crucial step is jumped by at home clear aligner brands in order to cut on the treatment cost. This might not affect the mild cases and some people may feel benefitted by such treatment but for others it can be a serious trouble and might lead to bigger dental problems in future.