“A smile needs to be happy but what if it can be perfect too?”

Perfect smiles are rare to come by and yet the most sought after. Your smile comes from the heart but aesthetically speaking, it is made up of well-aligned teeth, proportionate lips and healthy gums. Unfortunately, most of us are not born with all three components of the perfect smile but with the latest advances in orthodontics and dentistry, getting your dream smile is not only possible but easy too.

Orthodontics: The Natural Way to a Pretty Smile

    Many reasons can steal the beauty of your smile. Dentistry offers many cosmetic and aesthetic treatments for a smile makeover. Did you know that most people visit their dentist looking for straightening of their teeth for aesthetic purposes but are unaware of how their improperly aligned teeth can affect their oral health?

    Common reasons why people wish to get a beautiful smile makeover are:

    • Crooked teeth
    • Forwardly placed upper, lower or both jaws
    • Crowding of teeth
    • Spacing between teeth
    • Open bite (a condition where the upper and lower jaws do not meet each other leaving the bite open)
    • Improperly aligned teeth that affect your speech
    • Inability to maintain good oral hygiene due to malpositioned teeth
    Orthodontics offers multiple options that can align your teeth naturally, in the healthiest way possible and take you closer to your goal in your pursuit of a pretty smile. Orthodontic treatment options used routinely include:
    • Metallic braces
    • Ceramic braces
    • Self-ligating braces
    • Clear aligners or invisible braces
    • Myofunctional appliances

    What are Clear Aligners?

      While traditional metal and ceramic braces have been used for decades to give patients beautiful, attractive smiles, a large segment of people postpone their orthodontic treatments because they do not wish to wear metal or ceramic braces. This demand for an aesthetic orthodontic treatment option resulted in the development of clear aligners, also called invisible braces.
      Clear aligners are a set of transparent trays that are worn on upper and lower teeth to move them into proper alignment. Due to their transparent nature, they are almost invisible when worn, even from close distances. Clear aligners are an extremely popular orthodontic option today due to their aesthetics, convenience, and comfort, all of which were not offered by traditional metal and ceramic braces.

      Your Pursuit of a Pretty Smile Begins with Rejové32Aligners

        At  Rejové32, we are focused on delivering electrifying smiles to our patients. From the date of your first appointment, we promise to deliver your first pair of aligners within five days in India. Compared to other clear aligner brands available today, we have the quickest way to reach you to ensure your treatment begins on time.
        We deliver personalized, custom-made aligners for each patient. On your first appointment with a Rejové32partner orthodontist, 3D images and measurements are taken. These measurements are relayed to our lab in Delhi using advanced software. Our in-house team of orthodontists plan your treatment and share it with your treating dentist. Our technology allows you to visualize your teeth and smile post-treatment with our aligners even before you have started your treatment. Once the treatment plan is approved by your dentist and you, we begin fabricating your set of aligner trays using CE/FDA approved polymer sheets, the global standard of aligner material. We use highly precise 3D printing to manufacture accurate dental models so that the aligners made on those models effectively move your teeth as per the treatment plan.

        A beautiful smile at an Affordable Cost

          The high cost of clear aligner treatment is a huge deterrent for people wishing to get their teeth aligned with them. However, with  Rejové32aligners, our aligner treatment is not just effective but affordable. The main reason for the price difference between  Rejové32aligners and other aligner brands in the market today is the fact that  Rejové32 is a homebred brand with its manufacturing unit right here in the country.
          Most clear aligner brands in the market today have their manufacturing facilities abroad and not only does it take 1-2 months for your first set of aligner trays to arrive but they are also heavy on your pocket, thanks to the import taxes and duties levied on them.

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