A confident healthy and dazzling smile reflects your belief in your personality and skills especially when you are giving an interview. It reveals how much you are comfortable with yourself, likewise, a coy smile, reflects your inhibition to be a part of a conversation or a social gathering. It is great to have a beautiful smile but if you are not so confident of your smile because of your misaligned teeth, then don’t worry, smile correction treatment is here to solve your problem.

Smile correction treatment through smile braces

Smile braces or clear aligners are modern-day devices designed to correct teeth alignment problems. Be it crooked teeth, over-crowding, open-bite, or under-bite, all the problems related to proper alignment of teeth in the lower and upper jaw can be treated through clear aligners.

Clear braces or smile braces are a modern solution to teeth misalignment problems, which were later resolved by metal braces or ceramic braces. Metal braces involved stainless steel wires, brackets, and rubber bands which would make teeth alignment treatment a painful experience. But with clear braces, there are no such things as wires. The patient is asked to wear customized aligner trays in the upper and lower jaw to change the position of the teeth and bring them in proper alignment.

Aligner trays are made from high-grade polymer that is medically certified and completely safe to use. These trays are durable, handy and have a smooth finish, to save the patient from pain, swollen gums, and lesions during the treatment. Aligner trays keep on changing as the treatment progresses. Once the desired angle of the tooth is achieved, the patient is given soft rubber bands to restrict the teeth from moving back to their original position.

Smile braces present a perfect smile correction solution especially for Gen Y and Gen Z as these braces are transparent, removable, painless, accurate, and quick in fetching desired results.

Smile braces are technologically advanced teeth alignment solutions as the treatment is software aided. From a 3D dental oral scan that takes high-resolution 3D pictures of the teeth to create a treatment plan and lastly monitoring whether the aligners are working on correct angles to achieve teeth movement everything is calculated and analyzed through high-end dental software. The software ensures that the treatment is quicker and more accurate.

The importance of a healthy smile

If you are happy with your smile even with crooked or misaligned teeth, we would still suggest you go for smile braces for the following reasons:

  • It is difficult to floss or brush properly with improperly arranged teeth as the food debris gets stuck between the teeth and the toothbrush or the floss thread fails to reach every corner. Poor oral hygiene leads to early loss of permanent teeth.
  • It has been proven scientifically that poor oral hygiene also directly affects a person’s heart health.
  • Some people develop speech problems due to misaligned teeth.
  • People with protruding front teeth or lower teeth suffer from social consciousness and they are not confident of their appearance in front of others.
  • Oral problems such as cavities, gum swelling, bad breath, and dental pyorrhea, can arise from improper teeth arrangement.

Available brands of smile braces in India

If you wish to avail smile braces for smile correction treatment then here is a list of popular smile braces brands in India:

Invisalign: It is an international brand of aligners that is ranked highest in terms of accuracy, treatment proficiency, expert doctors, and quality service. The brand provides clear aligner treatment in most metro cities in India. As it is a market leader and an international brand, it is the most expensive brand of smile braces too. Invisalign offers only in-clinic clear aligner treatment through select orthodontists.

Rejové32 Aligners: It is an Indian brand of aligners that comes at affordable prices but does not compromise on quality and treatment proficiency. The specialized doctors, high-end German technology manufacturing, and advanced dental software have it all to help you with all teeth alignment problems. The company offers only in-clinic clear aligner treatment.

Toothsi: Another Indian brand that comes at affordable prices is Toothsi clear aligner. However, Toothsi offers ‘at-home’ clear aligner services only where the aligner set is delivered to the doorstep of the patient. The patient can solve queries and other treatment-related issues through phone calls and video consultations.

Flash orthodontist: The Company has a presence all over India with a good reputation as a clear aligner provider. The brand offers in-clinic smile braces treatment. The affordable prices, expert supervision, and quality aligners make this brand a viable option to choose for clear aligner treatment.

Snazzy: Snazzy clear aligners is an Indian brand that offers doorstep clear aligner treatment. The company offers affordable prices but the quality and expert doctor’s supervision is missing in the treatment. Moreover, the brand is relatively new compared to other brands.

This is not the end of it, the rising popularity of clear aligners or smile braces has motivated many new brands to enter this medical device segment but as teeth alignment is a medical treatment, more than the brand name it should by the quality of service and the team of doctors that they have on board matters. After all, it is a medical procedure and any negligence in the treatment can make you suffer irreparable loss.