“I chose medicine because I always felt compassion towards people”

Healing the body and the soul with her medical capability and musical melody, Dr. Priyanka Goyat has carved a niche for herself in dentistry and singing. She completed her Dental Residency from AIIMS followed by her Masters in Dental Surgery. However, while honing her skills in dentistry, she also realised her inclination towards singing. She is currently running her chain of dental and skin care centres Rejové32 Aligners Clinique in Delhi/NCR. Dr. Goyat shared with sheatwork, how her unwavering commitment towards helping people made her take up medicine.

Read on as she shares her journey and future endeavours to tide over the pandemic, her advise for women entrepreneurs and much more

What are the factors that made you take up medicine as a profession?

I chose medicine because I always felt compassion towards people and nursed the desire to do my bit in helping them. Dentistry on its own is a complete science. It is a perfect combination of aesthetics & science and can make a huge impact and difference in the way people look, feel and function.

How do you manage to devote time towards singing along with your professional commitments?

Singing has always been my passion since I was young. I also like challenging situations and managing both singing and medicine often pushes my limits, but it’s also very exciting. It’s often said that once you choose a profession that you love, you don’t feel that you’re working every day. I think it’s the same for me. I love singing and I love my medicine aesthetics, where I can beautify people. And singing adds the perfect flavour of happiness in my life that also reflects in my work.

How do manage to find time for ‘Riyaz’ for singing?

I’m an early riser and dawn of the day is the perfect time to reconnect with yourself. And I believe singing and ‘Riyaz’ is a form of meditation that actually made me more focused to deliver better results at work.

The ongoing pandemic has put a tremendous amount of strain on the field of medicine and medical professionals. How challenging was it for you to manage your chain of clinics in this pandemic?

The pandemic has been a challenge for all the business’ and ours is no different. We opted for a leaner management & cut down on unnecessary overheads just to maintain our never-ending dedication to serve people. We also had to downsize from five clinics to three clinics. We even found out one of my key directors was cheating on us. Our entire business perspective also changed as majority of our clientele came from the international market and with global travel closing down, we had to make the necessary deviations. However, we kept moving with our unwavering commitment of serving people and it has been very rewarding.

What is the single biggest challenge to strike a work-life balance?

To manage your professionalism, which is your daily bread & butter, as well as being a full-time mother to an infant and being there for the family in the time of need is challenging. One has to be highly attentive and productive to manage all these fields and when we attain that kind of focus, it becomes easy and comes naturally to you, just like your daily chores.

What suggestions would you like to give to aspiring women entrepreneurs?

I would suggest them to set up their own independent practices and believe in themselves, even when no one else would. Strive, pursue and not give up on their goals, no matter how much the world puts them down. Also, never let anyone tell them that they are not good enough because their efforts to establish themselves prove that they are better than scores of people out there.

What are your future plans?

To remain at the forefront of technology and innovation and provide quality treatment through our unwavering focus is our endeavour. I am looking to expand my chain of clinics and we are already introducing new techniques in the field of dentistry like a 3D scan system and much more. We want Rejové32 Aligners Clinique to be synonymous with quality treatment all across the country by staying true to our ethos & principles, which is non-negotiable for us.

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