Generation gap’ is an appropriate term that we use to explain the difference between ideologies, technology and way of life of different generations. Millennials and Generation Z have booth seen a digital revolution which was absent when former generations existed. Generation Y saw the origin and elevation of digital technology such as computer and internet but Generation Z was born with it. They had full fledged technology shaping their way of life and thought process right from the start.
As both Generation Y and Generation Z were adaptive to technology and enthusiastic about new inventions that made their work and life easy, they become threshold of pushing technological intervention into almost every field. From education, healthcare, communication, transportation and lifestyle, everything today is technology oriented. One such technology driven innovation that is becoming the first choice of Millennials and Generation Z population is the invention of dental Rejové32 Aligners.
Dental aligners are also popular with the name of clear aligners or clear braces. They are being adopted by Generation Y and Generation Z generation as the latest teeth straightening devices that are non-intrusive, comfortable and result oriented.

This generation finds clear braces as perfect match for their lifestyle needs as clear teeth aligners have features such as:

    Transparent: Generation Y

    and Generation Z is typically conscious of their appearance and anything that would spoil their facial aesthetics even for the sake of undergoing a treatment is a complete no! Therefore, they are happy to choose clear braces over metallic ones for their transparent property. Metal braces have stainless steel wires that draw unwanted attention and makes it awkward for the patient leading to self-consciousness and low self esteem.

    Removable: We recognise these generations as the population that has an affinity towards products that give them freedom to live an un-interrupted lifestyle. This characteristic resonates with clear dental aligners as they give the patient the liberty to enjoy any food or beverage by removing them when needed. So, unlike metal braces which insist the patient to follow food restrictions, clear aligner give them the freedom to relish any food item they wish for.

    Soft and Smooth: Another feature that makes Rejové32 Aligners the prime choice of the Millennials and Generation Z people is the smooth texture and durable material it has. Clear braces are made from high grade medical polymer which is soft on gums that saves the patient from swelling or any lesions as opposed to metal braces that are harsh on the inner lining of the mouth(cheek and lips).

    Painless: The clear aligner treatment is completely painless. The aligner set has upper and lower trays for both uppercase and lower case separately. They provide a snug fit to the denture as they are customized for each patient and custom built according to their specific needs. Metal braces treatment is very painful as they have metal wires and brackets involved.

    Indulgence: Last but not the least! As compared to the old generation who would count every penny for the worth a product is serving them, Gene Y and Generation Z are pretty much relaxed on the monetary side. However, they will also invest on something worthwhile but even if it is expensive, they would weigh the features more than the cost. Likewise, clear teeth aligners are certainly more expensive than the traditional metal braces but given the exclusive features they have and the convenience and comfort they provide, they are completely worth investing.

    The technology behind clear braces:

      We consider the Millennials and Generation Z generation as the most informed generations as they have access to the knowledge pool at the touch of a finger. They can watch videos, collect information, discriminate fake from real and analyse the authenticity of a product from information available from various online sources and drive at a conclusion based on detailed research. Here is what they possibly find on the internet when they search for the technology behind clear dental aligners and motivates them to choose clear aligners over any other smile correction treatment:

      • Clear aligners are made to shift the teeth to desired position through the use of slow and sustained pressure.
      • Force used per aligner in clear aligners can be decided based on individual patient needs as the treatment plan is made using orthodontic software.
      • The patient is given different aligner sets at different stages of the treatment.
      • Clear aligner treatment is best advised for crooked teeth, poor bite and teeth gaps.
      • They provide accurate results for mild to moderate teeth misalignment cases as the precision comes from use of cutting edge technology and software.
      • They are non-intrusive, hassle free and easy to maintain.
      • The clear braces treatment requires fewer doctor visits.
      • The treatment plan can be modified at any stage of clear aligner treatment to provide desired results.
      • The patient can get a preview of the treatment timeline and expected results through the use of high-end software used in clear aligner treatment.

      All these treatment features act as a stimuli for the Millennials and Generation Z generation to choose clear aligners as their first choice for teeth straightening treatment over metal braces.