Crooked teeth are classified as one of the most common dental problems all over the world. The condition refers to the misalignment of teeth in the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both. Crooked teeth are also known as malocclusion in medical terms. The condition arises due to the disparity between the teeth size and the jaw size of a person. The imbalanced teeth-to-jaw ratio causes teeth misalignment. For instance, if a person has a small jaw size but the teeth size is big then the person would suffer from problems such as overcrowding of teeth. This improper arrangement of teeth in the jaw leads to a poor bite. A poor bite can be of two types, overbite or underbite. In over-bite, the teeth in the upper jaw rest over the lower jaw teeth whereas in underbite it is the opposite. All these problems arise due to crooked teeth.

What causes crooked teeth?

Here are some most common reasons that cause crooked teeth in people:
Hereditary: If your parents have misaligned or crooked teeth and you are having them too, then it must be simply because you have inherited their jaw structure.

Thumb sucking: Children often have the habit of sucking thumbs to pacify themselves. This habit if left unaddressed can lead to crooked teeth. The thumb-sucking activity exerts continuous and prolonged pressure on the upper front teeth, leading them to protrude forward.

Mouth Breathing:In children, mouth breathing can also lead to malocclusion. People often breathe through the mouth when their nose is blocked but if they make it a habit, then it leads to other problems like bad breath, gum diseases, cavities along with crooked teeth.

Lifestyle: As we are in an age where everything served to us is in refined form instead of raw, we do not exert much pressure on the jaw to let it develop fully as it must. The improper jaw development owing to easy eating habits also leads to crooked teeth.

Why you must not ignore crooked teeth?

Aesthetic value: If you are suffering from crooked teeth then your facial features do not highlight as much as they must because the protruding teeth catch all the attention. This also affects the smile of the patient as the patient feels conscious to smile owing to improperly arranged teeth that show up as and when the person smiles.

Cavities: If you leave crooked teeth untreated then it might lead to tooth cavities. The fact that the misaligned teeth do not let the brush reach all corners of the teeth properly, the un-cleaned areas act as idle space to harbor bacteria leading to tooth cavities.

Speech problems: People also suffer from speech difficulties if they have improper teeth arrangement. They might feel problems pronouncing a few words. This also becomes a reason for low self-esteem and confidence.

Jaw problems: The improper teeth arrangement also restricts the jaw to function properly. Few people suffer from TMJ (Temporomandibular Jaw) disorder where the person feels extreme pain or even faces jaw interlocking when they make mouth movements for speaking or chewing.

Can crooked teeth be corrected through transparent teeth braces?

People often believe that crooked teeth can only be corrected through metal teeth braces or ceramic braces. While they are time-tested and credible options to get crooked teeth corrected but if you want quick results in less time than modern braces that are transparent braces are the right choice. Transparent dental braces have many advantages over traditional braces that make them the best option to choose for correcting crooked teeth. The transparent braces work on the same mechanism of persistent pressure as that of the traditional braces but they do not involve any wires or brackets to apply the pressure. This task is done by aligner trays that are custom designed for each patient.

Here are some exclusive features of transparent teeth braces:

Truly invisible:The customized aligner trays are made from plastic-like material known as a polymer in scientific language. This material is transparent in nature which gives aligner trays an invisible look. Therefore, when a patient is undergoing clear aligner treatment no one can point out their presence over your teeth.

Lightweight: The transparent Dental braces are very lightweight which makes them very comfortable to wear for long hours.

Highly durable: The material of the aligner trays is such that it does not breaks, crack, or deform easily.

Smooth on gums: The aligner trays of the transparent braces are given a smooth finish to protect the gums and tongue from any cuts. The soft material also promotes a painless treatment journey.

Removable: The patient has the freedom to remove them while eating food or beverage and wear them back once finished. The removable feature makes them a ‘hands-on’ treatment gadget to fix misaligned teeth without any lifestyle and dietary changes.

Quick and accurate: As invisible Dental braces treatment is software aided, it leaves no scope for errors in the treatment. Every movement of teeth is analyzed and monitored through high-end dental software. This results in quick and accurate teeth straightening.