It’s the DIY generation now and everyone loves to do things at home, by themselves. This, unfortunately, applies to dental treatment too. Shocked? Well, it is true! Everyone loves a beautiful, attractive smile but no one wants to wear ugly metallic or ceramic braces!
While some of them avoid braces altogether, there are others who visit their orthodontist to get their teeth straightened and corrected using braces or clear aligners. But, there are a small group of people who wish to avoid braces and perform dental corrections like teeth straightening by themselves.
We see many advertisements about the At-home DIY dental treatments, where one can just Snap-On pre-fabricated trays of medical grade material that help straighten teeth. They are made out to be simple, effective, easy-to-order orthodontic treatment options. Due to these features, these dental treatments at home attract people. But again, there is a pressing concern that most people have – “Are these dental treatments at home safe?”
Let’s be clear– DIY dental treatments and dental treatments performed at home are a terrible idea! Visiting your orthodontist every month to tighten your braces or get your dental aligners( Invisible braces) checked, wearing the braces or aligners, maintain good oral hygiene, food restrictions and all may seem daunting to people but, treating your own teeth at home is, to say the least, dangerous!
While some things in life can be picked up by googling or watching online videos, you cannot possibly be an expert in health-related matters without formal education. This also applies to dental treatments like Snap-On braces. Your orthodontist has had a formal education and experience of years and undergone extensive training in understanding how teeth move when forces are applied to them in order to straighten them. If someone with no knowledge about the biomechanics of teeth movement tries to move teeth, they will end up causing permanent damage to their teeth and jaws.
At-home dental treatments can also be dangerous as people are unaware of the use of different orthodontic elements like wires, elastics, separators etc. Trying to use these accessories without knowing how they need to can lead to the individual losing teeth, gum damage, and in some cases even irreversible bone damage.
Another problem with DIY or dental treatments at home are the materials used. One of the reasons that make dental treatment a little expensive is the use of good quality, biocompatible materials. These materials can sustain all the wear and tear in the mouth and do not release any toxic materials as they are approved and made of medical-grade material.
However, in order to reduce costs to make DIY treatments cheap, the quality of materials used is questionable. If these materials break down, they can get lodged between your teeth or in your gums, causing a dental emergency. These materials can also damage the enamel layer of your teeth, leading to other dental problems like tooth sensitivity.
Yes, orthodontic treatment takes proper knowledge and time to give you desired Smile but doing it by yourself, at home is not advisable! If you are tempted to try some Snap-on braces or aligners that promise to give you perfectly aligned teeth in a matter of a few weeks, stay away from them!

If you wish to have well-aligned teeth, it is highly recommended that you visit your orthodontist and let him/her treat you!