DeepBite : Dental problems are not just limited to cavities and toothache. There is a whole range of teeth alignment problems that people face. One of the most difficult of them to treat is a malalignment problem called a deep bite. Orthodontically, Deep bite is defined as a condition where the lower front teeth of a person are excessively covered by the upper front teeth.

In an ideal scenario, the upper front teeth overlap the lower front teeth by 2mm. However, if they do so more than 2mm, it is called a deep bite. Did you know that deep bite is one of the more commonly seen dental malalignment issue?

The upper front teeth are wider and bigger than the lower front teeth and so tend to overlap them even under normal circumstances. However, when they do so in excess, there is such a problem!

Top Causes of Deep Bite

What prompts the development of a deep bite? Well, there can be multiple factors that lead to a deep bite, such as:
  • Mismatch in the tooth size – The lower front teeth are smaller than they should be or the upper front teeth are larger than they should be
  • The skeletal structure of the face
  • Growth pattern at the jaw joint
  • Loss of back teeth causing your bite to collapse
  • Tongue-thrust habit
  • Changes in the position of other teeth that can mess up the alignment of the front teeth
  • An excess eruption of the upper or lower front teeth

What If Deep Bite is Not Corrected?

One may want to avoid a dental visit as much as possible. But, it is important to get deep bite corrected as soon as it develops. What happens if one doesn’t correct a deep bite?

An uncorrected deep bite can lead to:-

  • Trauma to the soft tissues of the palate behind your upper front teeth due to repeated wedging on it by the lower front teeth
  • This can lead to swelling, abscesses, and infection of gums and underlying bone
  • Repeated wedging of the lower teeth on the upper soft tissue can also lead to the weakening of the tissues around the upper front teeth
  • If the lower front teeth are repeatedly hitting against the back of the upper front teeth, this biting force can lead to a weakening of the upper front teeth and cause them to become loose and mobile
  • Increased sensitivity in the upper and lower teeth, which only increases as the condition advances
  • Wearing away of the teeth, especially the lower front teeth
  • Loss of teeth

can Rejové32 Aligners treat deepbite?

Absolutely. Yes!

How is Deep Bite Corrected?

In order to successfully treat this condition, the orthodontist needs to conduct a proper evaluation to determine the cause of the deep bite. This is done by studying the patient’s dentition, x-ray records, bite and study models.

There are following steps by which deep bite can be corrected:-

  • Pushing your lower front teeth downwards
  • Pushing your upper front teeth upwards
  • Combination of the two
  • Surgically

In order to treat a deep bite, one can use any of the following orthodontic options such as:

  • Conventional metal or ceramic braces
  • Clear Ceramic braces
  • Lingual Braces
  • Clear Aligners/ Invisible Braces

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In order to treat the deep bite, your orthodontist uses elastics and other such minor appliances to correct the jaw position and modify the position of the upper and lower front teeth accordingly.

A deep bite can be corrected using traditional braces that are placed on the front-side of the teeth and clear aligners. However, there might be a bit of a challenge while using lingual braces to correct the bite as the deep bite might not allow the placement of lingual braces on the backside of the teeth. So, in such cases, the orthodontist advises the patient to opt for conventional braces or invisible braces. Invisible braces also are known as Clear Aligners.

If you are looking to get the deep bite corrected in the most comfortable and inconspicuous way, clear aligners are what you are looking for! They are transparent trays that are invisible when worn and can help treat your bite! The most comfortable and effective clear aligners available in the country today are Rejové32 Aligners. Wish to know more? Contact us today!