For those who have been told clearly that metal braces are the only way out to get a beautifully aligned teeth and owing to the same they postponed their teeth straightening treatment for the duration unknown, the time has come to take up a hybrid teeth straightening treatment that stands as the best option to treat complex malocclusion cases quickly as well as effectively. Available by few aligner brands in India like Rejové32 Aligners, this treatment is best suited for young adults and working professionals.

Hybrid teeth straightening treatment: What is it?

As hybrid means combining the best attributes of two things to get  one perfect product, in dental science the hybrid teeth straightening treatment combines the new and the old teeth straightening technologies to present faster and accurate results. The hybrid treatment combines both metal braces and clear aligners to align teeth in proper position. When a patient suffers from severe malocclusion cases like over-crowding or bite malfunction, he is often advised to go for metal braces.

The problem with the metal braces is that they are showy, fixed, cause pain, come with food restrictions, and lead to self-consciousness in public. Therefore, people either opt for clear aligners or they postpone their treatment. Although, clear aligners is a good option to get away with all the difficulties that metal braces pose as they are painless, removable, transparent and comfortable but they might not be able to fix severe malocclusion problems.

Now, to find a mid-way, Rejové32 Aligners came up with a hybrid treatment solution where the patient can get properly aligned teeth by wearing clear aligners as well as metal braces both for designated duration to get desired teeth straightening results.

The patients with complex malocclusion are advised to begin the treatment with metal braces for a very limited duration. Metal braces will act on the angle and degree of rotation and through constant hold of pressure through wires and brackets, it will try to lower the severity of the malocclusion. Once this phase is over meaning that the severity of the dental condition reaches moderate, the patient can switch to clear aligners. Through clear aligners, the moderated condition gets to mild and then complete sorted resulting into beautifully aligned teeth and better oral hygiene.

How much time will the metal braces be used in hybrid treatment?

Getting a complete metal braces treatment takes at least 24-36 months to attain the desired teeth movement but when opting for a hybrid approach, the patient is advised to wear metal braces only for a limited time. This time depends on the complexity of the case, however, it can be as less as 3 months. So, wearing only for 3 months or less won’t pose much of a hassle and after the metal braces treatment is done, one can wear clear aligners to get desired smile in a completely hassle-free way.

What is the role of clear aligners in hybrid treatment?

A hybrid teeth straightening treatment is like a relay race, once the metal braces are done with the work they had to in terms of rotating the teeth or moving it to a certain angle, they handover the remaining work over to the clear braces. Form hereon, clear braces take over and work till the treatment is completely over. As clear braces are hard to notice, the patient is able to wear them for the designated 22 hour time. Clear aligners are software designed and give accurate teeth straightening results in less time. So, if you are doubting that is Rejové32 Aligners worth it? They certainly are especially when you use them in the combination with the metal braces as both the treatment techniques work in unison to being effective teeth straightening results in less time.

What are the advantages of hybrid treatment?

You are getting the best of both worlds in the hybrid teeth straightening treatment. Listed below are exclusive benefits of this treatment technology:

  1. The treatment time come down significantly in hybrid treatment as compared to treatment with metal braces or clear aligners separately.
  2. Rejové32 Aligners gives comfort and convenience while metal braces ease out the complexity of the dental case.
  3. Rejové32 Aligners lets you maintain oral hygiene much easily as they are removable.
  4. Patients need fewer doctor visits.

Where can I get hybrid treatment?

Most brand of dental aligners like snazzy, Toothsi, Smiledirect etc are complete clear aligner brands where they can only provide clear aligner treatment but brands like Rejové32 Aligners, Flash orthodontist etc. are equipped to provide a hybrid treatment. The fact that Rejové32 Aligners have onboarded experienced  doctors with more than 10 years of experience in the field of orthodontics, the brand has all the facilities that it takes to provide a wholesome smile correction treatment.