People readily adopt technology and innovations that make life easier and offer viable solutions at affordable costs. Clear aligner or invisible braces falls in the same line offering affordable, painless, comfortable, and non-intrusive teeth alignment solution. So, teeth aligners or invisible braces are more in demand than metal braces.

Clear aligner is the latest dental treatment that helps patients suffering from dental problems like gaps between the teeth, crooked teeth, open-bite, under-bite, or over-bite. They are made from a high-grade medical polymer which gives this aligner sets a clear plastic-like transparent look. The invisible look and painless treatment are the USPs of clear aligners which attract young adults and working people.

The rise in demand for clear aligners:

There has been an unprecedented rise in the demand for smile correction treatment through clear aligners in recent years for the following reasons:

    Looks matter!

    Gone are the days when people were judged by their capabilities alone. With the increased usage of social media platforms, personality presentation has become as much of important as quality. So, if anyone is suffering from crooked teeth, gapped teeth, or maligned teeth and finding it difficult to have a confident smile or is conscious of their looks, they can go for clear aligner treatment for properly aligned teeth, thereby adding a confident and attractive smile to their personality.


    When undergoing a teeth alignment treatment through invisible braces, the patient is free of any self-consciousness as the aligner sets are completely transparent. With metal braces treatment the patient becomes conscious of their look until the treatment is over because of the showy metal wires. But in the case of invisible braces, the patient can undergo treatment without anyone noticing it.


    Another thing that has raised the demand for invisible braces or teeth aligners is that they offer painless teeth straightening solutions. While metal braces cause pain and discomfort, clear aligners are the complete opposite. As clear aligners are made from plastic-like material with smooth edges and a soft finish, they do not cause any discomfort for the patient undergoing the treatment.


    Free will

    Youngsters and working professionals find teeth aligners the best solution available for teeth straightening because they are removable too! This eventually means, the patient does not have to change eating habits or do not have to avoid social gatherings as they can remove the clear-aligner set while eating and drinking and put them back on when they have enjoyed their favorite food!

    Free Will

    Takes less time

    Teeth straightening through teeth aligners take less time to offer accurate results as compared to traditional metal braces. The patient requires a few clinic visits to get the treatment done.

      Technology-activated device

      As clear aligners are customized to fit the patient’s needs and are manufactured implementing the latest technology that offers great precision and accuracy, the chances of errors in the treatment are rare. The smile correction treatment through clear aligners is software aided, where the angle of teeth rotation or any slight tooth movement is monitored through software calculations. High-end software analyses leave no chances for errors. This ensures high accuracy in teeth straightening results.


      With so many advantages, clear braces are definitely a better investment than metal or wire braces. People argue that clear or transparent teeth braces are costly but the advantages they offer are unmatched and therefore, the cost is justified. The cost of clear braces starts from 40,000 onwards.

      From the time clear aligners came into the market, they have been adopted majorly by the younger generation for their ease of use, comfort, and adaptability. Clear aligners are best suited for mild to moderate teeth misalignment correction. However, internationally claimed brands like Invisalign offer precise aligner treatment for complex teeth misalignment cases as well. If you wish to have your dream smile then visit