How to wear and when?

Dental Implant

Aligners should be worn for at least 22 hours during the day and should be removed while eating food or while cleaning teeth.

Dental Implant

Each aligner should be worn for 2 weeks before moving on to the next aligner. Refrain from wearing the next aligner in less than the directed time.

Teeth Protection

If you skip aligners for a few days, wear the previous aligner for a full 14-day minimum period and inform the office at the earliest.

Care of Aligners


Use the Aligner cleaning system for cleaning aligners before each insertion.

Dental Implant

Refrain from using denture cleaner or bleach, alcohol, etc. to avoid damage to the aligner trays.


Placing aligners in boiling or hot water for cleaning purposes should be avoided at all costs.

Storage of Aligners.


Aligners should be specifically kept in the cases provided, to avoid potential damage and protection from dirt and bacteria.


NEVER discard your aligners and carry them for your orthodontic visits. Never put braces inside of a serviette or any other case.

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In case an aligner is misplaced, contact your doctor immediately and wear the preceding aligner. Extra charges may apply in case the aligner is damaged or misplaced.

Insertion and Removal.


Aligners should be worn for the respective arches, as directed by the sequential labeling on the aligners.


DO NOT bite your aligners into position. Aligners should be worn and removed as instructed by the doctor.


Improper placement of the aligners considerably delays the duration of treatment along with the possibility of an increase in treatment cost.