Meet Dr. Priyanka Goyat

Orthodontist, and Co-Founder of Rejové32 Aligners

Dr. Priyanka Goyat is a Dental Specialist and Co-Founder of Rejové32 Aligners, a next-gen range of clear aligners for making professional and advanced orthodontic treatment accessible to people across age groups. With over a decade of experience in the field of orthodontics, Dr. Goyat has established herself as a leading expert in dental and facial aesthetics.

Dr Goyat’s expertise lies in providing customized orthodontic treatments that cater to the unique needs of each patient. She is particularly adept at using the latest technology and techniques to correct malocclusions and jaw discrepancies, thereby enhancing facial aesthetics and improving oral health. As the co-founder of Rejové32 Aligners, Dr. Goyat has played a pivotal role in developing innovative clear aligner solutions that offer a more comfortable, discreet, and efficient alternative to traditional braces. She is committed to using her knowledge and experience to transform the lives of her patients, helping them achieve their dream smiles and boost their confidence.

She hold  Masters of Dental Surgery from SGT under Pandit Bhagwat Dayal Sharma Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences and Residency from AIIMS (CDER ) New Delhi. Dr.Goyat has also undergone specialized training in cosmetic dentistry and smile design from the New York University College of Dentistry, USA.

The Promise of Quality

MSME Registration

We are a registered company under MSME as stipulated in Government of India guidelines.

DuPont Packaging

At Rejové32 Aligners, we ensure that they are safely delivered to the customer in medical grade packaging.

Best Raw Materials

Rejové32 Aligners sources high-grade raw material to manufacture aligners.

SOP/ Protocols

Rejové32 Aligners operates under stringent and defined protocols based on ISO and CE standards. Quality checks are done on every step with complete accountability.

Transparent Status Tracking

Orthodontists can track the status of everything – from shipment to treatment progress on our state-of-art software.

Fine Finishing

Aligners go through fine polishing to smoothen out rough edges.

At Rejové32 Aligners, we believe people should smile. More often, more openly.

Meet Our Team: The Faces Behind Rejove32 Aligners

You should trust Rejové32 Aligners because we offer advanced orthodontic treatment options that are typically more affordable, convenient, and effective than traditional braces. Our clear dental aligners are made from medical-grade materials and are designed to gradually move your teeth into their proper positions. There are several reasons why you should trust Rejové32 Aligners.

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