Are celebrities telling the truth about teeth aligners?

Celebrity endorsements are nothing new but when they are endorsing a medical treatment, it does become a matter of concern as to whether the claims they are making about a certain treatment stand true for the endorsed product or not.

Beauty products, health services, financial services, and FMCG products have been roping in big celebrities to lure customers to try their products over other brands. Now, even medical treatment like teeth straightening through teeth aligners or clear aligners has too joined the list of products that are being endorsed by big celebrities like Arjun Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Virat Kohli, Kareena Kapoor, and Parineeti Chopra.

But why are they endorsing a medical treatment?

It is widely believed that teeth aligners are a basic product that is used to correct teeth that are improperly placed in the upper jaw/lower jaw or both. The thing to consider in the correction of teeth through clear aligners is that it is only any teeth aligners that will make the difference but the guidance of an expert dentist, the material of the clear aligner, the oral scan or the dental impression, the patient’s dental condition, and other such crucial factors when taken into consideration when planning the overall treatment determine the efficacy of smile correction treatment through teeth aligners.

The celebrities are vaguely treating a complex medical treatment like any other beauty treatment and misleading the audience on the pre-text of comfort, direct-to-home smile correction service, affordability, and other such lucrative promises that might not stand true for all treatment cases.

In one of the ads, the celebrity compares fixing the teeth gap at home to ordering food online. That’s where the problem lies. Posing a proper medical treatment as easy as ordering food sends out the wrong message. Blaming celebrities for endorsing a treatment carelessly cannot be blamed on them alone as clear aligner fall in the category of orthodontic appliances. Their job is to promote the appliance and not explain the science behind it. However, authorities must take proper action in restricting the brands from spreading misleading information through celebrity endorsements.

How NOT TO FALL for such celebrity-endorsed teeth aligners?

When you are confused over which clear aligner brand is making genuine promises about the teeth straightening devices and the medical treatment, then find answers to these questions and you will be sorted.

1. What is the business model of the clear aligner brand?

Few brands operate on a ‘direct-to-customer’ model while others are on a ‘via dentist’ model. The direct-to-customer model delivers the teeth aligners directly to the patient. The oral scan is done at home either by a technician or through a DIY dental impression kit. This is convenient but risky as the doctor’s supervision is excluded right from the start. Moreover, the patient is handled through calls and video consultations as these types of brands do not offer in-clinic treatment.

On the other hand, brands that operate on the ‘via dentist’ model take proper charge of the treatment as it begins under the supervision of a trained doctor. The patient consults the assigned doctor for any queries related to the treatment.

2. How many years of experience?

As teeth aligners are a relatively new technology as compared to the metal braces that have been used for teeth straightening for years, it is important that the brand offering clear aligner services must have relevant expertise and experience to offer accurate results. Go through a company’s website and look for information like successful cases, year of operation, availability of manufacturing facility, patient reviews, testimonials, ratings, etc.

3. Do the clear aligners brands follow government protocols?

As teeth straightening is a medical treatment, any brand that calls itself a genuine clear aligner provider must have all the government approvals in place. Clear aligner falls in the category of medical devices (orthodontic appliances) and therefore the brands providing teeth aligners must be ISO 13485 certified and must follow the guidelines laid by ISO and CDSCO.

4. How teeth aligners are made?

The brand of teeth aligners must list proper details about the making of aligner sets. Details like raw material, technology implemented, software aid, and other such crucial information that reveals the details of the aligner set manufacturing unit determines the brand’s dedication toward achieving accurate results through teeth aligner treatment.

5. Who are the experts on board?

The teeth aligner provider companies must list the doctors on board providing the treatment. The doctors must have specialization in their respective fields and must have at least 10+ years of experience. Few brands also provide proper training before letting the doctors offer clear aligner treatments at their clinics. So, if the doctor is clear aligner trained then it is a good call for sure.

The brand of teeth aligners that answers all the questions listed above must be a patient’s choice. Falling for advertisements and celebrity endorsements without banking on proper information can put anyone a risk.